Lucy loud x male reader lemon

I fell in love with LoLu since the Loki arcand wanted to make a fic about them. Rated M for lemonenjoy! Lucy Heartfilia had just gotten back from the supermarket, and for no absolute reason at all, she had bought a packet of catnip.

She didn't even have any cats living in her house, for crying out loud! Sighing as she turned and locked the door, she wondered what to do with said food-in-a-can. Maybe she could give it to Happy, or Carla, or Lily. However, there was no telling whether they might like it or not. After all, Happy loved fish, Carla disliked fish, and she didn't know what Lily preferred. Heavily sighing, she stares at the metal can resting on the palm of her hand, simultaneously wondering what it tasted like and what she should do with it.

The blond stellar mage let out a loud shriek as she flailed her arms, surprised by the sudden appearance of someone in her room. She fell from her chair with that surprise, only to get caught in a pair of strong hands with equally strong arms supporting her whole weight. Loki's ears seemed to perk up at the sound of the word 'catnip', and his eyes were intensely burning into the can as if they were lasers and could get to the food inside.

After saying that, she expected the Spirit to put her down right away, but Loki seemed to be in a trance, not budging an inch at all. Swallowing a lump in his throat, the male tried to muster the strength to move his tongue to speak, but he couldn't. He almost drooled as he thought of the scrumptious food inside of the can, and he would've snatched it if it weren't held by his beloved master. Swiftly, Loki managed a nod as a bead of sweat rolled down his temple.

Resisting that little tin of the most delicious food was quite a feat, even for the leader of the 12 zodiac gates. Loki lifted his gaze off the accursed can long enough to see Lucy smile at him, and he smiled at her beauty.

She was kind of acting like a wife, and he liked it. However, primitive needs burst through his control, and before he knew it, he had his arms around Lucy's slim waist, nuzzling her neck as he whispered to her, asking her to hurry up and open the can.

Stunned by the Spirit's sudden and strange change, Lucy was very uncomfortable as she fidgeted around, getting the can opener. The soft, orange locks of Loki's hair, combined with his strong arms holding her, his nose and lips nuzzling her neck and finally, his scent — it was all a powerful and heavenly combination, and it almost knocked Lucy off her feet. She'd always noticed since the first day she stepped into Fairy Tail, that Loki was different. It wasn't just the girls hanging off him, or the playful smirks, it was a sort of tingling sense that he could just be the one for her.

lucy loud x male reader lemon

However, as it turned out, he was a playboy, and a Spirit to boot, and any form of affection beyond the levels of Master and Spirit was bound to be banned. If she hadn't been holding onto the can and trying to open it, she might've just mistaken his words for something else, something a little more… saucy. Finally, she wrestled the can open, and purrs came pouring out of Loki's mouth, surprising the stellar mage. Despite that, she had already made the connection between Loki being Leo, the lion, which was connected to the big cat family.

So all in all, Loki was a lion, which was also partly a cat, so therefore, he adored catnip. She walked over to her bed and sat down, patting the spot beside her. In a flash, Loki was off the ground on right beside her, resting his head on her shoulder and looking up at her with begging eyes. Without knowing why for the second time today, she picked up one of the small, tiny, green balls and lifted it to his lips.

Leaning forward, Loki took it into his mouth, his lips brushing the tip of Lucy's fingers as she fed him. This cycle continued, her feeding him, him wanting more, and it went all over again.

That was, until Lucy lifted up the can, held it upside down and shook it.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Collection of one-shots that I've done across varying fanfic sites.

I unpublished them from everywhere because I felt they were too cringy, but someone might enjoy them! I wrote them all roughly years ago. I was in high school when most of them were written, so don't hate on me too much lmao I'm always open to helpful criticism though! Lucy was feeling down after her fight during the Grand Magic games, she felt she had let her team and guild down. She was in need of some comfort and luckily someone was able to provide in the most intimate way possible.

These are all on my Deviantart, Quotev, and Tumblr so don't worry! I'm not stealing them. My Tumblr is fuckallthegood0nesweretaken. If there was one emotion to describe their kisses, their touches, and the look in their eyes as they gaze down at you; it would be passion.

Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Various X Reader Stories! Reader X Various!Okay Guys You've all Spoken and it turns out that Lucy is gonna be the first one to be Paired up with Lincoln So I Hope you all Enjoy but before we get this story started take a Look at what's Next now remember these aren't in Chronological order so Let me know who you Want to be Next.

It's all my fault. Even after he told Lisa what had Happened and she forgave him, Lincoln still Blamed himself.

Ever since that happened three weeks ago, the family had literally fallen apart. It flew over to a dark corner where it rested on a pale hand. I think it's time he joined me as my King of the Night.

Leni Loud X M!Reader Part 2 And 100 Followers :D

Lincoln was still laying on the couch, sad as he closed his eyes and felt something land on his nose. Lucy just Sat there before Grabbing him. He nodded frantically as she let go of him and he quickly flew back downstairs.

He saw Lincoln coming out the Bathroom. He swooped down and landed in the boy's hair. Vlad flew Over and tugged his hair. And got flicked away and hit the wall in response. He let out a Sad Sigh and flew back in the attic. Lucy grabbed him and started to slowly rub his head. If you don't get Lincoln you'll be Punished.

He flew back down and saw Lincoln on the floor. He flew over and tried tugging on his hair while flying around his vision. Without looking he jumped out the window. He rolled over and saw the bats heading straight for Him. He rushed to his feet and took off running. He ran down the Street with the Bats on his Tail. He kept running while the bats followed. That's when he tripped and fell down a Steep Hill.

The hill started to get Covered In Jagged and sharp Rocks. He cried out with each one that scraped against him which started drawing blood.

lucy loud x male reader lemon

As he tumbled the hill started to Get covered in Flowers. All of them nervous since this meant Lucy would not be pleased. They formed a Giant Hand and Gently picked up Lincoln. They made sure he didn't get any more hurt and carried him back to the house.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Lincoln Loud was viewed by many to be a strong, caring, and kind person. He had suffered through so much, Sister Fight Protocol, Bad Luck, everything that was thrown at him, Lincoln could handle. Or so people thought. Lincoln Loud now must battle the greatest enemy of all. Lo perdieron todo, sus amigos, su familia, a sus padres, y a sus hermanos, Lily y Lincoln, luego de que asuntos como el protocolo, el incidente en el spa, la mala suerte, el baile cuando 4 de sus hermanas le dieron citas a Lincoln sin su consentimiento.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

While it was no secret that living with ten sisters got chaotic, Lincoln considered his home life to be happy. Ten sisters with fun, quirky personalities and two loving and doting parents. But one day, this is all flipped, and he has to find a way to turn his family back to normal fast. In one of many alternate universes, Rick Sanchez doesn't have just one grandson and one granddaughter. He has one grandson and ten granddaughters. When Lincoln attacks a group of bullies, he discovers he's a mutant with bone claws.

Now he's on the run with other mutants from the government, encountering enemies, new allies, and even an unknown member of the family. Lori and Leni were planning on going to the mall together, but other plans cause Leni to pull out. As a result, Lori looks for someone else to come along, and eventually Luna offers to do just that, leading to some very long overdue individualized bonding time between the two. Lori absolutely loses it when she finds out Lincoln once again has said some unpleasant things about Ronnie Anne, this time right to her face.

When Lincoln tries defending his actions, a pair of bad choices on his part causes Lori to cross a line that damages their relationship. With such a widened rift, it can only be hoped by their family that ties will be mended soon. Lincoln Loud was considered bad luck by his family, all because of one little lie. But after a game goes wrong for Lynn, his family makes a decision that may help him once and for all. Yet one question remains, will he return home after his journey?

Tras el encuentro con una raza extraterrestre, toda la humanidad es aniquilada. When all of the males start disappearing from the Nicktoons verse, it's up to the Nicktoon heroines to stop who's behind all this. Lola Loud could've never imagined this happening to her.

But now that it has, she has a lot of responsibilities to take on. Luckily, her twin sister is more than willing to help her through this. Lincoln has discovered that he's gay and that he develops feelings for his best friend, Clyde.

The desires of being in a relationship with Clyde drove him insane as he's been hiding it from everyone ever since. He was scared of being judged, rejected, and hated by everyone, especially the McBride boy.

Leni Loud X M!Reader Part 2 And 100 Followers :D

Will Lincoln be brave enough and take control of his fears? Creator of the Universe. The Father.That's why if you three go at it, I don't mind. Just remember to use protection.

I don't want them to get knocked up.

lucy loud x male reader lemon

Then Lola and Patricia grabbed Bugs' arms as they went to Patricia's room, sometimes putting their hands on his crotch. Lola had a young perky C-cup chest with a thin body, most likely because of her playing tennis. Patricia on the other hand She had enormous E-cup breasts with a little chubby body, but her hips were definitely worth the stare as they easily put her daughter's to shame.

He gasped in surprise as Patricia had gone ahead and started rubbing her large mounds all around his cock. He slid it on without noticing a slight tear as Patricia moved over and straddled him with his cock pressed up against her ass. Patricia ignored her daughter's teasing. Bugs enjoyed it, despite hurting from it. Bugs tried as he might as he and Patricia held each other as they made their hips slam against each other.

Bugs then grabbed Patricia's chest as he went faster! She slammed down one more time as his cum shot into the condom. Some of it leaking out of the tear. She then brought her face to his and they closed their eyes as their lips puckered. They started kissing while moving their hands over the others body. Bugs then surprised her by flipping each other around so he'd be on top and she'd be on the bottom. Bugs then stuck his dick into Lola's pussy, digging his dick deep into her.

I sure hope it's just the one and if I do accidentally get her pregnant a 2nd time I hope it's just another one Bugs then pulled back and thrusted un as Lola wrapped her legs around Bugs. Bugs then picked up his pace!

Bugs and Lola held each other painfully tighter as they both came! Bug's sperm racing inside her womb. Bugs then entered the bathroom and was pulled into the tub.So I've recently discovered The Loud House, Nickeloden's actually successful attempt to re-captrure their glory days when Rugrats and them were around.

Let me repeat that: 10 sisters, people! I have ONE brother and while I love him to bits, he drives me crazy! Give the show a look if you can. Lucky for yours truly, most of my sisters don't seem to have become really interested in that topic as of yet. Sweet, kind, mall and fashion-loving Leni. Wondering how this happened? Let's back up, shall we? It was bathroom time. The girls were all doing their routines while Lincoln struggled to get in and brush his teeth before bed.

Lincoln knew where this was going…. So the siblings spent the next few minuts composing lists of attritibutes needed for an ideal boyfriend. We are doing this from what Leni needs in a boyfriend, right? Not ourselves? They focused their ears and listened in. It was Friday, the day Leni's boyfriend was due to come over. Lincoln and Clyde were walking home from school. Lisa feels the same way. Though personally, I'd like him more if he held onto one single job. Almost dinner-time….

And hold nothing back on this boy. Loud countered. Lincoln decided he immediately liked this guy for his savviness alone. Which he promptly checked off the list. Lana looked at the list the Loud siblings had compiled and checked off the most important note: Smart.

The others followed in her example, minus Lisa, who had higher standards for what equalled as 'smart.AND: there will be more parts as I want to write every character as good as possible.

In this part: Gajeel Gajeel: Something was odd the last days. Really odd. Gajeel was completely avoiding you, just talking to you when absolutely necessary and not looking at you at all. So you went ask her. You have never heard of that but now that you think about it, Natsu was acting weird too and Laxus was nowhere to be found. It was mating season okey but why what Gajeel avoiding you so much? You asked Wendy and she answered that you are Gajeels mate and during mating season Dragonslayers tend to get…crazy.

So you went over to Gajeel, grabbed his arm and pulled him up to the second floor of the guild. You threw him onto one of the beds in the infirmary. With a loud protests he asked whats wrong with you and you should stop that while looking on the floor. You were angry, really. After you calmed down Gajeel and your glance met.

And then you knew that you fucked up. He grabbed your arm and threw you onto the bed hovering over you. It took some while to realize what he just said. Gajeel wanted to do it, right here, right now, in the guild with all the people you know just one floor beneath you. And you liked that thought, a lot. Gajeel sensed that the thought was exciting you and started kissing you gently.

After a few minutes you were half naked, Gajeel was only wearing his pants anymore. You were a shivering mess, Gajeel was completely different from usual, he was demanding, rougher and did whatever he wanted. And you were into it. Soon you were completely naked begging Gajeel to continue as he jumped off the bed and started looking for some condoms. They were quickly found and from the point he pulled bis boxers down, there was no holding back. Gajeel had to gag you with your panties because you were screaming so loud.


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